If your bucket list includes owning a convertible, but you’ve hesitated turning that dream into a reality, then these following facts might change your mind. Convertibles like the Mazda MX-5 are too much fun to drive, and once you’ve experienced the thrill of an open highway, then you might regret not having made the plunge earlier.

Insurance Cost

One of the factors insurers consider is the value of the car being insured and not so much about hardtop or convertible roof. So, when you’re considering your next car purchase at your local dealership or Whitby Mazda, you’ll be aware insurance premiums have more to do with your car’s category than cosmetics.

Winter Driving

Car makers have changed the image of convertibles from a summer staple to a year-round driving experience. With the durability of hard tops, convertibles can stand up to winter weather. Preparing your convertible for cold weather isn’t much different from hard top cars. Spruce up your roadster with winter tires and use cold weather compliant fluids. Also, keep your car’s top free from snow to avoid weighing down the car.

Cleaning Convenience

Car maintenance isn’t just about auto mechanics but also about appearance. Many car owners want to keep their cars in pristine condition, not just for beauty’s sake, but also for the car’s value. Keeping a car clean is just one of the ways we maintain our autos. Convertibles like the Mazda MX-5 can go through a car wash just as easily as any other car.

Enjoy the Ride

Convertibles are sporty fun cars to drive and their allure can be irresistible. Getting the facts straight about insurance coverage, winter wear, and maintenance can help you to make a purchase decision. A test drive could seal the deal and when you’re ready, the team at Whitby Mazda can assist you.