Shopping for a car isn’t always the easiest chore. You worry about finding the ideal vehicle that fits your needs and is within your price range. However, if you chose a 2019 Mazda CX-5, you’re in for a treat. You’ll love what this car will do for you. It’s vital that you take good care of this vehicle so you get more life out of it.

Change the Oil

This is one of the most frequent and most basic services you’ll perform on any car. You should get the oil changed about every 8,000 km. When you do this, it will remove dirt and sludge from the engine, which will improve its performance. Changing the oil consistently will also give you better gas mileage.

Change the air Filter

When you take your CX-5 to Whitby Mazda for an oil change, the technician will pull out the air filter for your examination. It’s a good idea to replace this at every other oil change appointment, or more frequently, if necessary. This will also ensure that your engine works more efficiently, giving it better overall performance and health.

Wash and Vacuum

It may sound too easy to be true, but frequent car washes and interior cleanings can make a significant difference in extended the usefulness of your vehicle. When you wash your car, you remove dirt, grime and other materials. This will stave off corrosion and rust as well as other harmful invaders. Vacuuming the floor and seats of your vehicle will help it smell better, look better and may even increase the value of your vehicle. This simple maintenance will fight off bacteria and mold too.

It may tempt you to procrastinate these services, but it’s essential that you stay on schedule and maintain your CX-5. This will help ensure that you can drive it reliable for many years to come.